ICE Standard

Ambulances take patients to the ER over 16 million times each year in the US. The Emergency Standard Card iPhone Application helps first time responders and emergency room personnel locate a person’s updated medical information, emergency / medical contacts, medical insurance information, blood type, name, address and a photo verification of the individual. This application has been developed by About The Kids Foundation, a registered nonprofit, with input from EMT’s, police officers, firefighters and emergency room personnel.

One of the unique features of The Emergency Standard Card iPhone Application is the three color-coded system that reflects your medical information. This helps First Time Responders quickly determine the severity of potential issues with the patient, based on their medical history. Red indicates the individual has severe allergies, medical devices, health conditions, or s on medications. Yellow indicates the individual is taking medications. Green indicates the user is “Good to Go”, with no health complications.

The iPhone / cell phone is regarded as a backup location for your emergency medical information, as in an accident your phone may be damaged, overlooked or out of power. A physical emergency card is the best way to provide health information for emergency personnel.