How to Use Your iPad or iPhone

  iTunes Account

To get music, movies and books, you go to the iTunes Store.

To get apps for your tablet, you go to the App Store.

To use these, you need an Apple ID.

Apple ID accounts are free but you must have one to buy anything in the iTunes Store. This is true even if the application you want is free.

To create and Apple ID account, launch the iTunes program and click on the iTunes Store or the App Store button on your iPad or iPhone.

You will need an email address to register.  We suggest that you ask a friend to help you with this or go to an Apple store and ask them to help you set things up.

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To start, we recommend that you buy a small iTunes card (you can get them at places like Target, Walmart, and many other stores).   If you have other people using your iPad we suggest that you DO NOT use a credit card for purchases.


Keep your Apple ID password secret!

Using the App Store

You can spend hours searching for apps!

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