The QuickVoice iPhone app is a voice recorder that allows you to send emails of your recordings. If you would rather send a readable message, this app also utilizes the voice-to-text software SpinVox. This software can automatically convert voice recordings into standard text. The QuickVoice app is currently available for $2.99 (as of 2011) through the iPhone App Store. Leave a comment

   Mental Notes

“…a true notepad    experience that may help you make a clean break from the pencil-and-paper era.”  – New York Times     “…I have wanted something like this on my PC for twenty years – just a big sketchpad where I can free-associate and put stuff down in any format I choose, then edit it and play with it easily, without having to fuss with file formats or other inconveniences.  The only ‘solutions’ I ever found were too inflexible, too expensive, or both.  This app does that, and on the device I actually  have with me all the time… If you are a somewhat organized (i.e. mostly disorganized) creative type, this is a terrific app to have – you can just spill out an idea as it comes, however it comes, and then clean it up later…” – US App Store       “The future of note taking… This app made me realize what personal media might be like in the future.  It is very easy to take photos, add audio and write notes making for a much richer note.  I tracked holiday travels using this and it worked very well – when I showed others the results they then bought Mental Note too…” – UK App Store   Leave a comment