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YP is North America’s largest local search, media and advertising company. Formerly AT&T Interactive and AT&T Advertising Solutions, YP launched in May 2012, bringing the two companies together with the mission of helping local businesses and communities grow. Millions of searches occur daily using YP℠ products to find, compare and select local merchants. The company’s flagship consumer brands include the℠ site, a top 40 U.S. Web domain1, the highly rated YP.

Since Dropbox itself is a free service, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a simple, easy method for creating a new Dropbox account right off the bat if you don’t happen to already have one. The app just asks for a name, e-mail address and password, prompts you to accept the terms of service, and creates the account. During my testing, I did encounter a problem where I would receive a nondescript “Account creation failed (null). Please try again.” message, which I’m guessing may be due to high load on their servers. Still, this is not an encouraging encounter for new users.