Andrea’s Bio

Brain Buddy Board Bio

Andrea Kolaczkowski, Ischemic Stroke and Heart Attack Survivor

January 3, 2013

Chris, my husband, and I were exercising  at the Lafayette Rec Center in Colorado. I was working out on the elliptical machine. My legs were stuck, I couldn’t speak, and Chris called 911. I was scared, and the ambulances took me to Good Samaritan Hospital and the doctors said I was having a stroke. I was 28 years old. The nurses and I flew to Swedish Hospital in a helicopter and my parents and Chris drove to Denver. I’m grateful to my Doctors, nurses, PT, OT, and Speech therapists for my life and my family, friends, and Stroke Survivors for Brain Buddy program!

Andrea on a hike Andrea at work


Chris, my cat, Mia Meowski, my dog, Tinkerbell, and I live at home in Coal Creek Canyon. I sing Coal Creek Community Chorus and Rock Choir, Ambassador of Forever, Advisor of Creative Memories, and the Naropa Community Art Studio. I love hiking, fishing, Colorado teams, and University of Notre Dame.