Brain Buddy is dedicated to helping those affected by aphasia.
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Fall 2019 Aphasia Program
September 9 to December 9, 2019
12:30 to 3:30pm
First United Methodist Church of Lafayette
1255 Centaur Village Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026
Contact us to participate!

Aphasia is an impairment of language.  It interferes with the abilities to listen, read, talk, and write. Aphasia most often results from stroke.  Those with aphasia may have difficulty with daily tasks and may require various levels of assistance depending on the severity of their aphasia.

Aphasia is a loss of language skills, not intellect.  Unless there is other brain damage, people with aphasia usually maintain the same cognitive capacity as before the onset of their aphasia, they simply now struggle with communication.

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